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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Troubleshooting Laser Printer Tutorial

People can see that the printer device can be really a great help for modern people because they are able to print everything easily by using the printer device. They can choose from various available printer types and brands which can be found out there. Of course, people have to keep in mind that their printer can produce the best printing result according to their need. Each printer type including the laser printer can have different problem which people should solve. Sometimes people find it frustrating for finding the solution of the problem with their printer. There is no need to worry because the printer tutorial can offer people with laser printer troubleshooting which can be useful for solving the problem with their printer.

There can be various problems which people can find from the printer especially laser printer. For example, people find that the print result is too light. There can be light or white columns which can be found on the result. There are some possible causes of this condition. This problem can be found because of the low toner for example. However, the same problem can also be found from the transfer corona which is defective. The solution for this problem must be pretty easy because people only need to replace the toner cartridge. They can also try to full the toner reservoir.

If people are looking for another problem which can be found often in laser printer result, it might be ghosting. This problem can be cause by the drum which is not fully discharged. If the erase lamp does not work properly, this problem can also appear. Ghosting can also be found when too much toner is used for the previous image. There are some possible solutions which can be used for fixing this problem. First of all, people need to print a couple of black pages. The cartridge can also be replaced. They can replace the erase lamp as well but they need to call the professional service technician for doing this.

Memory Overflow Error
Some people find the memory overflow error when using their printer. The cause of this problem actually is pretty simple. It can be caused by the image size which is too large. For solving the problem, people have to reduce the resolution. They can also use the resolution enhancement technology. By adding more RAM to the printer, this problem will not be found any longer.

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