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Friday, July 7, 2017

How to Change Printer Driver Setting

Printers surely become very important technology support which can be found these days. People can use the printer for the office or even home work. Choosing the right printer according to the need is crucial but it is not the only thing which people should consider. They also have to make sure that the printer is able to give the printing quality as expected. The printer itself is not the only aspect which will affect the quality of the printing. There can be a time when people have to consider about changing the printer driver setting for making sure that the printing quality is suitable with their expectation.

Finding Settings
Before people can change the settings of their printer driver, they of course have to locate the settings. They will be able to find the settings for the printer driver in some dialog boxes. People can try the print dialog box. They only need to click Print button on the File menu of the application. They can also click Options which can be found in the Page Setup dialog box. Next, they can find the setting on the Page Setup dialog box. They only have to click the Page Setup button which can be found on the File menu. Layout dialog box can also be used for finding the setting. They need to click the Layout button which can be found in the dialog box of the Print. They can also find it on Background Printing dialog box and Preview dialog box. People have to make driver setting again once they exit one application for opening the new one. The setting will be saved with the document if they change it from the dialog box of Page Setup.

Control Levels
There will be some setting arrangements which people can do with their printer driver. Different printer driver setting will give people different control levels over the driver of the printer. For example, Automatic setting will be the best option for easiest as well as quickest way for starting the printing process. Photo Enhance setting will allow people to apply various image correction settings which are specialized for photo printing. People can also arrange the printer driver to custom setting so they will be able to choose from the readymade setting list which is suited for various documents. People can also add their own setting to the list. Last but not least, there is advanced setting which allows people to make setting in detail for fitting individual need.

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