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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Defining All Users Default Printer Setting

Nowadays, printing can be kind of daily activity which is done by many modern people especially because printer is something which can be found easily. Of course, people will be able to find the printer for industrial purpose but it is not hard at all to find the printer which can be used for daily use either at the office or home. People can find a difficult time to choose the right printer device for them. Nevertheless, there will always be a perfect printer for everyone. To make sure that the printer can work according to their liking, people have to make various adjustments. Before people make the adjustments to the printer setting, sometimes people have to define the default setting of the printer for all users.

Although printing work nowadays is getting easier with the sophisticated printer device, there can still some problem which people can find for ensuring that the printer can really work well. There can be a time when the computer will be used as the server of the printer. People want to make sure that the setting of the printer is the same. Various settings can be included such as the printing speed, the ribbon use, darkness, and so on. The same settings want to be applied to all users of the printers including the users from the computer server and also users who use the shared printers from the workstations. People have to pay attention that they will find two locations on the driver of the printer for controlling the default setting of the printer driver.

There is no need to worry because the defaults setting of the printer setting can be changed by the users who are currently logged in. They just need to open Start to choose Settings and Printers & Faxes. They need to right click the printer for choosing Printing Preferences. They can change the setting of the printer driver then. People can change the default settings for all users and also network users of the shared printer. After opening Start, Settings, and Printers & Faxes, people have to right click the printer for choosing Properties. They have to go to the tab of Advanced for clicking the button of Printing Defaults. The settings can be changed from this step. There is no doubt that people can make the best default setting for their printer driver so they will be able to get the best printing quality for all users.

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